Yorkshire Programme

Our work across Yorkshire is central to our vision for a kinder, more compassionate society where everyone has a sense of belonging.


Jo Cox, proud Yorkshire lass

Jo Cox was passionate about local communities and bringing people together. As a humanitarian and a politician, Jo Cox’s career took her around the world, yet her sense of belonging and her identity were always firmly rooted in Yorkshire. In 2015, Jo Cox was elected as MP for Batley and Spen, allowing her to represent her home region in the UK Parliament. The Foundation’s presence is a vital part of our work to build a legacy for Jo that reflects the things she really cared about, locally as well as nationally.


“I am Batley and Spen born and bred, and I could not be prouder of that. I am proud that I was made in Yorkshire and I am proud of the things we make in Yorkshire. Britain should be proud of that, too." 
- Jo Cox, Maiden Speech 2015


Our scope in Yorkshire

Our work in Yorkshire is currently divided into three geographical areas:

Batley and Spen

We work to foster belonging through community-led cohesion projects. We create space for people from different backgrounds to connect and understand one another.

What we’re working on right now:
We’re at the ideas stage for our next project and are looking for input from people across the community. Get in touch for more info about our ideas workshop on December 9th!


We build partnerships between organisations from all sectors who are committed to fostering social connectedness. This means building coalitions, collaborating on research and advocating for the conditions that will bridge divides and reduce loneliness across the area.

What we’re working on right now:
This year we’ve partnered with Breaking Barriers Innovations on a unique piece of research scoping the relationship between loneliness and

West Yorkshire

Throughout West Yorkshire, we enable participation in the Foundation’s two flagship community initiatives, The Great Get Together and the More in Common Network.

What we’re working on right now:
The Great Get Together takes place 24-26 June. We’re supporting our Yorkshire partners to take part, and working with attendees from our belonging workshop to host their own Great Get Togethers. 

Guiding principles

Our guiding principles make sure everything we do in Yorkshire is true to Jo and the way that she lived..

We act as enablers and facilitators
We will make sure our own work supports and enhances the wonderful community initiatives already taking place across the region, and genuinely enables local people to take action.

We’re always in dialogue with the community
Jo was well-known across her diverse constituency, with a broad network of supporters and ‘critical friends.’ We want our approach to match this so that, by always being in dialogue with the community, our projects reflect its evolving needs.

We maximise impact by bringing local and national together
We will make the most of our local and national platforms to make sure northern voices are heard on the issues we’re campaigning for, and that, when it comes to belonging, the experiences of people in Batley and Spen are fully understood where it counts.

We strategise for the long-term
Building cohesion and overcoming loneliness are ambitious goals that require long-term effort. In many areas of her work, Jo demonstrated her long-sightedness and head for strategy. We’re taking inspiration from Jo to work strategically towards an ambitious vision.

We’re courageous in taking the first step
There’s plenty of room for new ideas and brave new ways of working to tackle some of the barriers to belonging that we know exist in our communities. We’re keeping a sense of excitement and an open mind about what might be possible if we dare to be the first to try a new approach.


Previous projects


Find out more about our previous projects here.


Let’s collaborate

We’re always open to new ideas for partnerships and feedback on our projects and plans. Please get in touch

Emily Danby, Head of Yorkshire Programmes

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