Unlocking Connection: 7 Keys for Connection

Since 2021, Meta has partnered with the Connection Coalition to provide small grants to members who want to test ideas and ways to build connections and community through the pandemic and beyond.


In the second round of grants in 2022, we gave a total of £10,000 to 10 Connection Coalition members. After four months of workshops and check-ins with the grantees, the Connection Coalition and Talking Taboos have compiled our learnings from this programme and summarised them in this report.


'Anyone can benefit from increasing the number or quality of their social connections. However, we know that certain groups and individuals are more at risk of loneliness and disconnection, and many people face additional barriers when it comes to creating social connections. Doing what you can to identify and minimise barriers for those who would benefit most from your activities can help increase your positive impact and change people’s lives.'


This report aims to: 

- Share the main learnings that emerged on creating connections and where to find further resources and inspiration.
- Paint a bigger picture of the work organisations are doing, particularly the challenges faced and the opportunities available.
- Highlight the work of the participating Connection Coalition members.

                                                                                Photo credit: Ready Generations 

Through our test-and-learn approach, we have identified 7 keys for connection, which when considered and applied, have shown themselves to unlock connections between people. These keys are grounded in community experiences and activities and were taken from conversations and learnings shared throughout the programme. This report is aimed at those directly delivering work to create and maintain social connections, but we hope it will also be of use to those in the wider sector including funders and policy-makers. 

Read the full report here.

Read the summary report here.

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