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Invitation to Tender: Monitoring and Evaluation

The Jo Cox Foundation is at the beginning of a 3-year funding term with Spirit of 2012 (Feb 2020- 2023) for its project entitled ‘Moment to Movement: Building a Society of Stronger, Happier Communities.’ This is an ambitious project, spanning the two elements of the Foundation’s ‘Stronger Communities’ workstream: The Great Get Together, and More in Common.

The Jo Cox Foundation inspires and galvanises positive change at local, national and international levels. We do this by partnering with visionary individuals and organisations who share our commitment to the fairer, kinder world that Jo dedicated her life to building.

Our ‘Stronger Communities’ workstream is inspired by Jo’s commitment to celebrating diversity, and her belief in the importance of building cohesive neighbourhoods. Jo Cox’s commitment to bringing people together and her belief in focusing on our commonalities drives our objective to work towards building strong compassionate communities where everyone has a sense of identity and belonging and celebrates the values and beliefs - and addresses concerns - we all share.

With funding from Spirit of 2012, over the next three years we will focus on increasing the diversity and impact of the two principal elements of this workstream - The Great Get Together and More in Common.

To effectively measure our impact and enable learning, we are seeking a specialist partner in monitoring and evaluation for an initial one-year period.
Suggested areas of support include interpreting evaluation data, suggesting improvements to our research tools and methods, publishing an impact report, developing a theory of change, providing capacity-building to lead staff, and carrying out focus groups and interviews.

Experience measuring the impact of community-focused initiatives on wellbeing (community and individual) and social cohesion is extremely desirable. The Contract awarded will be for a duration of one year (to commence in July 2020) with an option for an extension should that be required.

All applications are to be sent according to the specifications in the Invitation to Tender to Jo Atkins-Potts: [email protected]

Note: the deadline for clarification requests has been extended to midnight on Tuesday, June 23rd.

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