World Earth Day - Jo Cox Community Wood

For World Earth Day, we are celebrating the Jo Cox Community Wood, and what the trees mean to the people who sponsored them. Read the lovely messages left by our community. 


You can learn more about the Jo Cox Community Wood here:




"The tree sponsoring project was very personal to me and my family for many reasons.

We collectively sponsored 6 trees including some individual ones. Each tree was named in honour of someone or after a word which had an important meaning behind it. For example one of the trees I sponsored along with my siblings and parents is called ‘Amal’ which means hope.

We were drawn to the idea of watching the trees grow as time goes on. Spiritually I was personally drawn to the idea of the trees benefitting the surrounding environment, including providing food and shelter for the creatures who will pass during the many different seasons.

It’s a very sentimental idea of watching them grow and you growing older it’s so local to us we are able to visit the woods often, take a break from the chaos around and be immersed in nature.

I’d like to finish off with a quote, that is very fitting for world earth day, by Sir David Attenborough:
“People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure.”

- Hafeezah Soni


We'd known Jo for several years, and consequently volunteered for More In Common from its inception in the weeks following Jo's death. Jo's Community Wood is a wonderful project and a great way to remember and honour Jo locally. Just before Christmas, after 20 years together, Julie and I got married. We'd heard about the opportunity to sponsor a tree in the wood and it seemed like the perfect thing to do, to commemorate our wedding and pay tribute to Jo, so we sponsored two!

- Julie & Dave


Hello, I’m Pete – all of our immediate family lives locally and when I heard about Jo’s Community Wood and the Tree Sponsoring scheme I immediately thought it would be lovely to sponsor a tree for our 3 grandchildren – Beth 3, William 4 and Joseph 7 – something for the here and now but also something that they can grow up with and share with their children…., and grandchildren!

- Grandad 

When my dad told me about the Jo Cox Community Wood and his idea for planting a tree for each of the grandchildren my initial thought was that sounds lovely. I hadn’t heard a lot about the wood and wasn’t exactly sure where it was but I soon discovered that this was an area we knew well and is very local to us. The thought of heading on the Greenway for a walk or bike ride with the kids and stopping off at the wood for a picnic in the warmer months sounds perfect. I have visited the wood on a few occasions now and it always seems so peaceful. What a great place to visit alone to relax, sit and reflect and enjoy the sound of the wildlife and to visit with the kids to explore, learn, engage and just spend some quality family with them. I am sure we will be visiting for many years to come to ‘check’ on our trees. Thanks dad x

- Kirsty


Like my sister, when my dad approached me about the Jo Cox Community Wood and sponsoring trees for our children my first thought was what a lovely idea. I wasn’t entirely sure what it would entail but I thought it would be something we could enjoy as a family of three and as part of our wider family with my sister, Neil and the boys and of course my mum and dad. The planting of the trees was great fun and the children had a great time and I sense of pride learning about ’their’ trees and helping to plant them. Along with that there was a brilliant community feel not only when we planted the trees but also at the opening of the wood, something which is a great lesson and example to our children. We’re all looking forward to spending many happy hours there in the future and Beth is especially pleased with her Sessile Oak even if her pronunciation needs a little work!! Thank you Dad (Grandad) x

- Kev


I sponsored a tree for my daughter Molly in part, to get her involved in volunteering and involved in a local project for a great cause - bringing people together. I thought it would be lovely for her to see her tree grow and flourish as she does for years to come, maybe even bringing her grandchildren to visit and reminisce about when her tree was as little as she was. She's just gone 5 years old and when I asked her what it meant to her, she told me 'so that people can remember us in a long long time'. I also encouraged my parents to sponsor a tree at the wood so they can leave their own legacy that we can remember them by when they are no longer with us. It's so important to have beautiful outside spaces that the community can visit and utilise and we are very lucky to have this on our doorstep. We live a few minutes walk from the wood so have been able to visit and check on our trees during the lockdown - Molly even gives her tree (and her grandparent's tree) a hug when we visit.

- Nicky