The Jo Cox Foundation exists to channel the energy and determination generated by Jo's life and untimely death into practical efforts to advance the causes she championed. 

"My sister was not a complainer. She was a doer." – Kim Leadbeater, Jo's sister

As an MP, Jo didn't believe any issue was so intractable that it had to be left on the 'too difficult pile'. 

Led by her example, we are restless for change. Just as she did, we believe in working together with individuals and organisations that share the commitment to a fairer, kinder and more tolerant world. 

We are convinced that by working together effectively we are greater than the sum of our parts. We seek to amplify the voices of all those who believe that compassion, understanding and optimism are signs of strength and not weakness.

The Foundation exists to guide people towards those who are working on the things Jo was passionate about. People who know that it is not enough just to talk about what can make communities stronger or to complain about injustice, indifference or cruelty. 

This work has been taking place since September 2016 on a diverse range of issues including loneliness, the protection of civilians in conflict, supporting women to enter public life amongst many other things. Alongside these practical steps, the Foundation continues to celebrate Jo's life in the confident belief that her example can and will inspire others to be doers. 

To find out more about the issues the Foundation will focus its energy on please visit The Issues.

To find out more about where the £1.5 million in public donations to Jo's fund has gone please visit The Jo Cox Fund