About Us

The Jo Cox Foundation makes meaningful change on issues that the late Jo Cox MP was passionate about.

Like Jo, we believe that a kinder, fairer and more connected world is possible. Underpinning this belief is the understanding that we have more in common* than that which divides us. As we work to make change, we follow Jo’s example of collaborating with others and bringing people together to achieve more than we can alone.

The change we seek to make

We work in three areas: we nurture stronger communities, champion respect in politics and advocate for a fairer world.

Stronger Communities

We want less lonely, better-connected communities across the UK, where everyone feels that they belong.

Respectful Politics

We want anyone, regardless of their background, to feel able to participate in our political discourse and be treated with respect. 

A Fairer World

We want responses to the world’s complex problems to be informed by humanitarian approaches. 

Our Values

We focus on making change led by the values by which Jo lived her life and are guided by the following values:


We believe, like Jo, that there should be no ‘too difficult to deal with’ pile.


We believe that achieving real change requires us all to pool our strengths and exchange our skills and resources.


We believe that kindness and compassion are signs of strength, and that only by understanding others can we build relationships and bridge divides.

*Understanding 'more in common'

At the heart of our work is Jo's belief that we have more in common than that which divides us. Jo recognised that the needs and desires we share as human beings provide common ground and a basis for mutual understanding and connection.

Too often our politics and society emphasises our differences rather than our commonality. We believe that helping people to recognise that commonality allows us to feel more connected, build empathy and increase trust. It also builds understanding of the stark inequalities that many groups face within our society and strengthens the collective will to take action.

Jo Cox Foundation Trustee Report

The best way to understand our work is to read The Jo Cox Foundation's annual Trustees' Report and Accounts. In these reports we lay out all of the work we have completed throughout the year, as well as looking at where we are headed in the future. You can also find copies of these account on the Charity Commission's website.

Trustees’ Report and Accounts 2021


Trustees’ Report and Accounts 2020


Trustees’ Report and Accounts 2019