Statement: Response to the storming of US Capitol by pro-Trump rioters

The events in and around the Capitol last night were horrific and have been rightly condemned on both sides of the Atlantic by all those who abhor political violence, threats and intimidation in an attempt to subvert democracy.

The Jo Cox Foundation exists only because of an act of domestic terrorism committed by a far-right extremist. Jo was a democratically elected politician going about her work on behalf of her constituents when she was murdered. The pain endured by her family and friends showed the suffering political violence leads to. But the way in which the UK and the rest of the world responded to her murder showed why such violence will always fail in its objectives.

Then, as now, the overwhelming majority of decent people came together to reject extremism and stand up for politics rooted in respect, compassion and dialogue. In Jo’s name, the Foundation believes that all those in public life have the right to be protected from violence, threats and intimidation, whether in the real world or online.

We commend all those in Washington who stood up in defence of those rights in the face of appalling provocations and who demonstrated once again that extremist violence cannot, and will not, be allowed to succeed.