2017 so far


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From her earliest memories of walking the streets of Yorkshire with her granddad to her busy life as a mother and MP, Jo was often moved to tears and galvanised to action by the impact of loneliness and social isolation on people of all ages and all stages of life.

On the 31st January, the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness that Jo had established was launched by Rachel Reeves MP and Seema Kennedy MP. This year-long campaign seeks to influence the public and policy response to the UK's loneliness crisis that affects more than 9 million people from all walks of life, age and backgrounds. It's calling for people to start conversations in their communities. To take small but crucial steps to create Jo's kinder world by reaching out to support someone with loneliness.

What you can do:

Please take a look at the website to pledge your support and find out how to get involved. You might also be interested to read Rachel Reeve's article in the Yorkshire Post or Jo’s sister's interview with Radio 4. 

Protecting people in conflict

On the 26th January, a group of Jo's friends and colleagues launched a report Jo was working on before her death: ‘The Cost of Doing Nothing: The price of inaction in the face of mass atrocities’. As Jo had envisaged, the report was a cross bench effort with politicians from all sides coming together to have a frank conversation on the role of the UK when countries fail to protect their citizens. The report was covered widely in the press with pieces in The Guardian and The Telegraph. It provides a much-needed opportunity to encourage a more engaged approach to foreign policy.