Update: Intimidation in public life: a joint approach to tackling intimidation


Lord Evans, Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, has today written to the leaders of all Westminster parties to say that The Jo Cox Foundation will act as independent support in efforts to agree a cross-party approach to tackling intimidation.




This follows the Committee’s previous meetings with the parties to follow up the recommendations made in its 2017 report on intimidation in public life.

Lord Evans said:

“I am delighted that The Jo Cox Foundation has undertaken to act as independent support to help make further progress towards a common approach to tackle intimidation and abuse during election campaigns.

“It is important to democracy that individuals standing for public office or campaigning are able to so without fear of intimidation. From our meetings with them, it’s clear that the political parties have done a great deal of work internally to address intimidatory behaviour and improve their own processes to call out and address unacceptable behaviour where they can. Building on that, there is goodwill and commitment from the political parties at Westminster to make further joint progress.”

Read the full press release here.