Throughout her life, Jo worked on a wide range of issues both at home and abroad. The Foundation will bring to bear the goodwill of both the public and Jo's networks to continue Jo's campaigning on a diverse range of domestic and international issues, including: 

  • Loneliness: The Foundation is continuing the work of the Loneliness Commission that Jo established to bring about a step change in the public policy response to the UK's loneliness crisis.
  • The Syrian conflict: The Foundation is taking up Jo's work to galvanise the support of the public and decision makers for the protection of Syrian civilians. 
  • Women in public life: The Foundation is continuing Jo's efforts to develop the routes for women to enter public life and acquire the critical skills and confidence needed to do so. See this page for some practical steps you can take today to support this work. 
  • Protecting civilians in conflict: The Foundation is carrying on Jo's lifelong commitment to increase support for the protection of civilians in conflict and to prevent mass atrocities. 

(Photo on this page courtesy of the Huddersfield Examiner