Building Stronger Communities in Jo's Honour

Jo’s commitment to celebrating diversity, and her belief in the power of more cohesive neighbourhoods, drives our objective to continue building stronger communities.


See our showcase of work bringing communities together:



Laura in Widnes

Laura in Widnes was inspired by Jo Cox's 'More In Common' message and held a Great Get Together, hoping the next generation will see more united communities.


Tony in London

Tony in London thought that the Great Get Together and Jo's stronger communities message would be the perfect channel to raise the issue of knife crime in his local area.


Peter in Darlington

Peter in Darlington used local delicacies Lemontops and Parmos as icebreakers to bring people together through his local More In Common group. 



Estelle in Chorley

Estelle in Chorley used the Great Get Together to unite the community in a venue right in the heart of her town. 



These videos were produced thanks to Spirit Of 2012. Our partnership with Spirit of 2012 will help transform The Great Get Together from a moment in June - coinciding with Jo Cox’s birthday - to a year-round movement of social and community action!

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