News: The Jo Cox Foundation announces a new partnership with Spirit of 2012

The Jo Cox Foundation are delighted to announce a new three-year partnership with Spirit of 2012. Inspired by Jo Cox we will transform The Great Get Together from a moment in June - coinciding with Jo’s birthday - to a year-round movement of social and community action, continuously inspiring positive local connections. Together we’re dedicated to breaking down barriers and ensuring all people, no matter their background, feel like a valued member of our society with a sense of identity and belonging.


Ruth Hollis, Chief Executive of Spirit of 2012 says "since 2017, the Great Get Together has inspired thousands of communities to come together and break down barriers by celebrating Jo Cox’s values, and the belief that we have more in common than we think. Spirit are delighted to announce a major three-year partnership to help transform the Great Get Together from an important community moment to a lasting movement for change. At the heart of this partnership is our shared vision: how we can use events to bring people together to create stronger, happier, more inclusive communities. We’re looking forward to working together in communities across the UK over the next three years."


Catherine Anderson, Chief Executive of the Jo Cox Foundation adds "Spirit of 2012 is an inspirational organisation rooted in values of partnership, inclusion, and learning, and we admire their work hugely. To be working together over the next three years to embed Jo Cox's values in communities large and small across the UK is a great privilege. We are incredibly excited to work together - and, thanks to their transformative support, to create happier and more cohesive communities, where everyone has a sense of belonging and recognises that we have in Jo's own words more in common than the things that divide us."