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The More in Common network is made up of groups and individuals across the UK who promote Jo Cox's powerful humanitarian message:

We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.


The phrase “more in common” comes from the words spoken by Jo Cox MP during her first speech in parliament. This network is a key part of Jo’s legacy in communities up and down the country, who live and share her values of respect, tolerance, and compassion. These groups and individuals work year-round to build strong and compassionate communities where everyone has a sense of identity and belonging. 



To find out more about More in Common groups, take a look at our Introductory Guide.

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See below for more information from a few groups in our network:

More in Common Batley & Spen



  • A volunteer group from Jo's constituency who came together in 2016 to create something positive out of the tragedy that was Jo's murder
  • The group focus on bringing people together through education, sport and physical activity, as well as creative arts, faith and culture
  • Key events include the Run for Jo, The Big Batley Iftar, The Great Rugby Get Together, Stepping Into the Future and The Jo Cox Way Bike Ride

More in Common Darlington



  • The group have met for the last two years to help spread Jo's more in common message across Darlington
  • They have held two Great Get Together Picnics, a candlelight vigil in High Row, and have published articles in the local press and social media

More in Common Boston & Lambeth



  • Lambeth, in South London, recorded the highest remain vote in the European referendum, while Boston had the highest proportion of voters who supported leave. The two More in Common groups were established to help promote understanding and respect between two areas with very different outlooks and cultures
  • The group runs numerous cultural exchange events throughout the year, including the Human Library, exchange programmes, a Polish heritage day and history tours
  • They appeared on Ed Miliband’s podcast and have been featured in The Guardian and on the BBC


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