Community Blog: Laura in Widnes

Many of us have wanted to help out our local community over the past couple of months. But, while that feeling is there, often we don’t know what to do with it. It can be a nerve-wracking and daunting prospect to put the time and effort into organising something for people you don’t know. This is even more the case for those juggling work and looking after the kids.


These were certainly Laura in Widnes’ feelings back in 2017. As a “pretty busy lady” and a “full time working mum of two young girls”, getting her community together was not an easy task. Yet Laura was inspired. She followed the news after Jo Cox was murdered in 2016 and it broke her heart. When calls began for people to get together in Jo’s memory, the idea sprang into Laura’s head that she should do something to bring her community together in a way that was open to all. 


Sometimes it is easy to stop there. Have a nice idea then feel too nervous to work out what to do next. Not so for Laura, who put it best when she said, “Having always been the one who liked to keep my head well below the parapet, I raised my head high above it.” 


Since then, Laura has become one of our most dedicated Great Get Together organisers, doing amazing work throughout the year to help her community in Widnes become more connected. This year’s Great Get Together is not like previous years, but Laura is coming up with some great ideas. Her team in Widnes will - with the help of other local organisations - be sending picnic lunches to care homes, as well as hosting a Mr and Mrs DJ competition for the local community. 


Whether it’s your first Great Get Together or your fourth, we want everyone to join us in celebrating the #PowerOfCommunity. It could be a small act of kindness like delivering cakes to your neighbours or by hosting a massive virtual silent disco for your neighbourhood. We would like you to invite you to join in the celebrations. It may seem daunting at first, but you will be surprised how much fun and satisfaction you will get out of building new connections in your community. You won’t be on your own either, The Great Get Together team will be here to help:

The continued support and encouragement from the Jo Cox Foundation, the people behind the Great Get Together, has enabled me to change the course of my life by continuing my enthusiasm for what can be achieved through the power of connecting and bringing people together and continuing the legacy of Jo Cox.” -Laura in Widnes

If Laura’s story has inspired you, then join us in celebrating the #PowerOfCommunity on 19th-21st June and sign up here:


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