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"An act designed to drive communities apart has instead brought them together, an act designed to silence a voice has instead allowed millions of others to hear it. Although she is dead, the opinions and values she held so dear will live on." – Brendan Cox, Jo's Husband

The Jo Cox Foundation has been established to support Jo's friends, family and colleagues in their efforts to continue her work and to highlight the issues she cared about so deeply  from the plight of innocent civilians in Syria to the despair caused by loneliness and social isolation in the UK.   


STATEMENT FROM the family of Jo cox mp on the eve of the second anniversary of her murder

15TH june 2018

Tomorrow it will be two years since the murder of our beloved Jo. She is in our thoughts every single day, and the passage of time does not diminish our feelings of loss or our sadness at no longer having her wonderful, joyful and endlessly positive presence in our lives. We will be spending the day together privately as a family and remembering all the goodness she brought to our world and not the way she was taken from it.

Jo had a profound effect not just on those of us who loved her dearly, but on everybody she met. And we have been deeply touched by all the thousands of messages from people who were never fortunate enough to meet her in person, but who have been inspired by her example and above all by her compassion.

We will never fully understand or come to terms with the senseless manner of her death. But we remain eternally grateful to all those who have supported us in trying to make sure that the response to her murder is a rejection of the hatred and extremism that led to it.

A year ago this weekend we were joined by millions of people celebrating The Great Get Together in Jo’s memory. It was a wonderful experience and it helped us get through that first, very difficult anniversary. This year we decided to move the events to next weekend: 22nd - 24th June, which would have been Jo’s 44th birthday.

The love and support shown by so many people is a real comfort to us all at this time. But more importantly it is a tribute to the one person we would give anything to have with us this weekend. To Jo.

Thank you.


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'We have more in common than that which divides us' - Jo Cox

In June 2017, we helped run the biggest neighbourhood celebrations since the Jubilee street parties. This year The Great Get Together will take place on 22nd - 24th June, which would have been Jo’s 44th birthday. Everyone is invited to get together with their neighbours to share food and celebrate all that we have in common.

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