The Great Get Together

Let's face loneliness together: one connection at a time.

Over 9 million people in the UK say they are always or often lonely. 

This year has been particularly difficult, with lockdown and social distancing having exacerbated feelings of isolation for many people. It has also exposed more people than we could have imagined to the experience and concept of loneliness.

Connection is one way we can face loneliness. It can happen in many different ways, including joining virtual events, supporting a neighbour or reaching out to an old friend. This winter, the Great Get Together wants to reduce loneliness and reduce stigma by building connection.

Let's take forward Jo Cox’s vision of a less lonely, more connected world.


Join the Great Winter Get Together


The Great Get Together is an initiative designed to bring communities together which takes place every year on the weekend of Jo Cox’s birthday in June. It is at the heart of our vision for a nation of strong compassionate communities.

Faced with the recent challenging times, The Great Get Together 2020 was looking like it would need to be cancelled. However, communities across the U.K. have been so inspiring with their stories of supporting and connecting with each other.

So this year, though we can't get together, we can still connect together. It won't be traditional, but we think it will be fun. We’re asking you to join in celebrating the power of community. That could be something in your street or neighbourhood, like a cuppa over the hedge with your neighbour or a sing-a-long in your street, or it could be something online or on the phone.

Great Get Togethers are as diverse as the people who make them happen and this year is no exception. There is no ‘one size fits all’ but we do ask that all participants adhere to the current social distancing guidelines in the country they are in.

There are loads of ideas on how to connect safely on the website. This will be the fourth time that thousands of people up and down the country have celebrated connection, compassion, and community.


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The Great Get Together 2019


In 2019 participation more than doubled compared to the previous year, with an estimated 720,000 people taking part in more than 11,000 events. Celebrations took place in every corner of the country, stretching from Orkney to Jersey and from Lowestoft to Derry- LondonDerry.


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