The Great Get Together

What is the Great Get Together?

The Great Get Together is an initiative designed to bring communities together which takes place every year on the weekend of Jo Cox’s birthday in June. It is at the heart of our vision for a nation of strong compassionate communities.

The Great Get Together is inspired by Jo Cox, who was murdered on the 16th of June 2016. In her first speech in Parliament, Jo said, ”We have more in common than that which divides us”. Through the Great Get Together, we ask people across the country to embrace Jo’s words and come together each June to hold events that unite their communities. The annual celebration helps unite people while showing the collective power we have as a community.

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The Great Winter Get Together


Jo Cox said:

“I will not live in a country where thousands of people are living lonely lives, forgotten by the rest of us.”

While in Parliament, one of Jo Cox’s key goals was to turbo-charge the response to the loneliness crisis. She was touched by hearing of people’s isolation when door knocking in her constituency and had her own experience of loneliness during her time at university.

When we feel lonely, we seek out places for connection. That's what the Great Winter Get Together is all about. Kicking off on ‘Blue Monday’, from 16-29 January 2023 we’ll be celebrating the events and activities around the country where you can make meaningful connections with new people.

With the cost of living crisis making it difficult for people to afford their usual social activities, this year the Great Winter Get Together is more important than ever.

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