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We work to inspire activists and campaigners, stand up for vulnerable people across the world, and champion humanitarian work in Jo's memory.

Jo Cox was a life-long humanitarian. She dedicated her career to helping those less fortunate than herself, whether in Batley and Spen or around the world. She was a staunch advocate of an ethical foreign policy, and committed to the protection of civilians in conflict.

"Every decade or so, the world is tested by a crisis so grave that it breaks the mould: one so horrific and inhumane that the response of politicians to it becomes emblematic of their generation — their moral leadership or cowardice, their resolution or incompetence. It is how history judges us. We have been tested by the Second World War, the genocide in Rwanda and the slaughter in Bosnia, and I believe that Syria is our generation’s test."
- Jo Cox


Jo Cox work with Oxfam

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FCDO Jo Cox Memorial Grants

We have continued to work closely with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) since 2017 on the development of the Jo Cox Memorial Grants. Through the grants, £10 million of funding will be provided to projects focusing on two areas that Jo was passionate about: women’s empowerment and building resilient communities to combat identity-based violence (IBV).

  • Empowering women: Grants that will empower women to tackle the complex political, social and economic disadvantages they face.
  • Preventing IBV: Grants that will strengthen the ability of communities to predict and prevent identity-based violence including mass atrocities. This will be done by enabling early warnings of increased tension leading to actions that prevent further escalation and ultimately better protect communities from the threat of violence.  

You can find details about the grant holders here. The grants have already seen a positive impact across the globe, read these case studies to learn about Jo's global legacy:

Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE)

The most recent Ugandan election highlighted the success of Uganda’s national non-partisan organisation, Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE). 88 women from the communities FOWODE works in ran for a leadership position in the 2021 general elections and 66 were successful in securing a position of power and influence. 

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Woman delivers speech in front of men


Women’s roles are typically overlooked in such processes, but the predominantly female Nyunzu Early Warning Group sensitively and actively contributed to the diffusion of a conflict, and increased economic stability in a particularly unstable context.

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Woman listens to radio

Zimbabwe Educational Trust

In Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare, 240 young women aged between 16 and 25 are finding comfort and success from the personalised approach being applied to their vocational training programme.

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Female schoolchildren crowd around laptops in a classroom


The Cost of Doing Nothing Report

With the support of the Foundation, Cross-party colleagues Alison McGovern MP and Tom Tugendhat MP came together in 2016 to finish the report Jo had started with Tom making the case for action to protect civilians from atrocity in conflicts around the world. In February 2017, ‘The Cost of Doing Nothing’ was published at Policy Exchange with cross party support from party leaders past and present.


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