Community Stories: Ric in Sutton

In the seventh week of lockdown, people could use some much-needed positivity. Nothing has been more positive in this worrying time than individuals and communities up and down the country coming together to act with love, kindness and compassion.




We have all seen it and a lot of us have contributed to it. Whether it’s doing the shopping for a vulnerable neighbour or clapping for our carers and key workers every Thursday - all of us have experienced the power of community during this crisis. These positive connections, old and new, speak directly to Jo’s ‘more in common message’. We have seen it brought to life through our work over the past three years on the Great Get Together, and the inspiring efforts of our brilliant Great Get Together organisers.

We are seeing it now more than ever. Last week, we reached out to our Great Get Together community asking what they had been doing to strengthen their communities and build connections during the crisis. The response was astounding. Over the next few weeks, we want to show all the incredible work communities are doing across the country. In what has been a difficult and sad time for many, it is important that the contribution individuals from all backgrounds have made to their communities is promoted and commended.

Take Ric in Sutton, who has been working hard to keep his local community connected. Early on, Ric put a letter through each door in his street offering help with shopping or simply a chat. Like the rest of the country, Ric’s community in Sutton have taken to their doorsteps at 8pm every Thursday to clap for our carers and key workers. However, Ric is going a step further. Every Saturday at 5pm, Ric has organised a ‘weekend wave’ where he and his neighbours stand in front of their homes and sing to classics like ‘Is This the Way to Amarillo” and “Reach for the Stars”. This injection of fun into the local community has proven to be very popular, much to Ric’s relief who worried his neighbours might think “I'm that annoying bloke who gets them to do stupid stuff!”. In light of the weekend wave’s popularity, Ric is now making plans to mark V.E. Day and we are very excited to hear them!

Ric’s story is one example of what we want to amplify. Acts of kindness and connection that show the power of community. We’d love to hear more about what’s going on all around the country so please do send us any work you’ve been doing in your community to connect to [email protected].

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