Join us and take the Civility Pledge for the upcoming elections

Encouraging civility in politics is a key part of our work to continue Jo Cox’s legacy. As the elections on 5th May 2022 draw closer, The Jo Cox Foundation invites candidates to reject intimidation and abuse, and shape the tone of political discourse by taking the Civility Pledge. 

Robust debate and scrutiny are essential aspects of our democratic process; abuse and intimidation shouldn’t have to be. Abuse can make elected representatives feel they need to step down, and put potential future candidates off standing altogether. Women in particular suffer a disproportionate level of this behaviour. We all have a responsibility to challenge this.


Running in the upcoming elections?

Share your Civility Pledge today.

Simply download the graphic and share this example post on your social channels:

In the lead up to the elections on the 5th May, I am taking the @JoCoxFoundation #CivilityPledge to campaign with civility and respect - spreading Jo Cox’s message of kindness and that we have #MoreInCommon.

Or share your own wording - just make sure to tag @JoCoxFoundation and use the hashtag #CivilityPledge.

2022 Civility Pledge

For more tips - such as how to share your Civility Pledge through a video, or what to do if you face intimidation or abuse when campaigning, download the Civility Pledge Pack.

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“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” 

- Jo Cox