Candidates encouraged to take Civility Pledge for upcoming May elections

Campaigning for respectful politics is a key part of our work to make change on the issues that Jo Cox was passionate about. Jo was renowned for her ability to forge cross-party relationships and to work collaboratively with those of opposing political views. At the Jo Cox Foundation, we seek to end the abuse and intimation that discourages so many from entering political life and particularly impacts diverse representation. 

As the elections on 4 May (England) and 18 May (Northern Ireland) draw closer, the Jo Cox Foundation and Compassion in Politics are urging candidates to commit to running a respectful election campaign and positively shape political discourse by taking the Civility Pledge.

Robust debate and scrutiny are essential aspects of our democratic process; abuse and intimidation shouldn’t have to be. Abuse can make elected representatives feel they need to step down and put potential future candidates off standing altogether. Women, in particular, suffer a disproportionate level of this behaviour. We all have a responsibility to challenge this.

Running in the upcoming elections?

Share your Civility Pledge today.

Simply download the graphic and share it on your social media channels using the hashtag #CivilityPledge. This is an example post you could use:

Ahead of the May local elections, I am taking the @JoCoxFoundation's #CivilityPledge. I will run a respectful campaign, foster constructive democratic debate and demonstrate compassion. #MoreInCommon

Or share your own wording - just make sure to tag @JoCoxFoundation and use the hashtag #CivilityPledge.

For more tips - such as how to share your Civility Pledge through a video, or what to do if you face intimidation or abuse when campaigning, download the Civility Pledge Pack.

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Have you experienced abuse and intimidation?

In February we launched the Jo Cox Civility Commission, through which we will find practical recommendations to address this complex problem at all levels.

If you are an elected representative (or candidate) and have ideas related to how we tackle abuse and intimidation in politics, please complete our call for submissions online form to help us gather a range of perspectives and ideas.

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“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” 

- Jo Cox