Blog: My work experience at the Jo Cox Foundation


The Jo Cox Foundation is partnered with Speakers for schools and through their S4SNextGen programme offers work experience placements to students across the country. One such student, Bukky, joined us for a week in April and has written a short account of her experience: 



Overall, my week at the Jo Cox Foundation was invaluable. Based in a great office environment in central London, I learned a lot about the foundation and the world of work more generally.

I was interested in working for the Jo Cox Foundation because its activities build on the values of an inspiring and caring person, who strived to make the world a better place by encouraging fairness and equality in UK and internationally. From the tragedy of Jo’s murder stemmed a national celebration of her message of unity, that is at the heart of the amazing work of the foundation that continues her legacy.

Thanks to my time at the Jo Cox Foundation, I now have a better understanding of the operations and workings of a national charity. I am now aware of the importance of dividing tasks because working as a team requires a different mindset to working individually; this is a valuable skill for my future career. At JCF, my competences were extended through conducting research projects effectively along with attending meetings and efficiently taking minutes. In addition, I was able to draft an employee recruitment ad and formal emails. These skills are imperative for a career in Human Resources.

Over my week at the Jo Cox Foundation, I enjoyed being around such outgoing and caring people. I was welcomed into a hardworking, dedicated and kind hearted team and encouraged to do my best. They were always on hand to help out, offer advice and answer all of my questions. The friendly atmosphere was a fabulous introduction into the charity sector of the working world and I will never forget this experience. As a young person using technology and social networks regularly, I also really enjoyed visiting Facebook HQ. I had the opportunity to meet determined people, ready to help their community in any way they can.

The Foundation's mission is to tackle serious issues that affect our communities on a daily basis. Working there, I became more informed on some of the problems in our society and how the foundation strives to combat these with various campaigns, events and partnerships. I was able to attend meetings and see first hand how the team works together to continue Jo’s legacy, develop its strategy and forge partnerships, notably to promote the empowerment of women.


Overall, I can honestly say that my time at the Jo Cox Foundation opened up a world of opportunities to me in the charity sector and I am considering a role in the future that involves volunteering, campaigning and creating partnerships to help people in any way I can.


I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff for sharing their backgrounds with me and allowing me to discover more about their areas of work: to Ellie, Jonathan, Fatema, Siobhan, Catherine, Hortense, and especially to Jessica who guided me throughout my work experience and answered all my questions. It was also great to meet Kim and Parveen from the Yorkshire team.

Thank you,