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Update: Intimidation in Public Life Early Day Motion

The Foundation is pleased to see the Intimidation in Public Life Early Day Motion tabled with cross-party support this week.

Article: To honour Jo Cox’s memory, we need new standards of behaviour


We cannot go on like this. The poison and intolerance that has infected our national political debate has to be excised. If we cannot find a way to restore some respect and responsibility to our politics the implications will be serious, not just for those in and around Westminster but for all of us.

Announcement: Celebrating 3 years of The Jo Cox Foundation



Today marks The Jo Cox Foundation’s 3rd anniversary! To celebrate, we are excited to launch our new website, beautiful new logo and our first fundraising campaign since the Jo Cox Fund in 2016.


Announcement: UK announces approach to preventing mass atrocities



The Jo Cox Foundation believe this policy is a vital and hugely positive step for UK contributions to atrocity prevention, in line with Jo's views on preventing violence and protecting people around the world. 

Announcement: Statement on the third anniversary of Jo's murder



Speaking on the third anniversary of the murder of the MP Jo Cox, her sister has called for the country to unite and celebrate the many positive things we share and remember all that we have in common.

Update: Intimidation in public life: a joint approach to tackling intimidation


Lord Evans, Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, has today written to the leaders of all Westminster parties to say that The Jo Cox Foundation will act as independent support in efforts to agree a cross-party approach to tackling intimidation.

Blog: Jo Cox paid with her life but politicians now live in daily fear of attack


Jacqui Smith, newly appointed chair of the Jo Cox Foundation, has written for the Times on the terrifying levels of intimidation politicians still face, three years on from the Murder of Jo Cox.

Announcement: Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith Appointed to Chair the Jo Cox Foundation



The Jo Cox Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of the Rt. Hon Jacqui Smith as its new Chair. Jacqui takes over with immediate effect and replaces Nick Grono, who has served the board with great distinction since the Foundation was established.



Newly appointed Chair Rt Hon Jacqui Smith with CEO Catherine Anderson and Ambassador Kim Leadbeater.


Update: The Jo Cox Way 2019

Cyclists from the 2018 Jo Cox Way celebrate at the finishing line


The 4th Jo Cox Way bike ride will run from 24th-28th July 2019.


Pictured to the left; Cyclists from the 2018 Jo Cox Way celebrate at the finishing line

Blog: My work experience at the Jo Cox Foundation


The Jo Cox Foundation is partnered with Speakers for schools and through their S4SNextGen programme offers work experience placements to students across the country. One such student, Bukky, joined us for a week in April and has written a short account of her experience: