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Blog: My work experience at the Jo Cox Foundation


Jessica, aged 18 from City and Islington College, joined The Jo Cox Foundation at the beginning of July in 2020 for a work experience placement with Speakers for Schools and through their S4SNextGen programme. Jessica has written a short account of her experience:



Joint Letter: The Government must respond to the unjustifiable seizure of power in Myanmar

We have joined Members of the UK Atrocity Prevention Working Group to call upon Her Majesty’s Government to act swiftly, comprehensively and with conviction in response to the unjustifiable seizure of power from Myanmar’s fragile democracy.

Download The Joint Statement

The Jo Cox Foundation team bids farewell to CEO Catherine Anderson

CEO Catherine Anderson is moving on from The Jo Cox Foundation to become the new Executive Director of The London Marathon Charitable Trust.

Statement: Global Civil Society on the impact of social media

We're pleased to have joined 30+ global organisations in calling on social media companies to take urgent action to protect human rights and democratic processes worldwide.

Statement: Response to the storming of US Capitol by pro-Trump rioters

The events in and around the Capitol last night were horrific and have been rightly condemned on both sides of the Atlantic by all those who abhor political violence, threats and intimidation in an attempt to subvert democracy.

Kim Leadbeater to receive MBE in New Year Honours

Our Ambassador and Jo Cox's sister, Kim Leadbeater, is to receive an MBE in the New Year Honours List, awarded for services to social cohesion, the community in Batley & Spen, West Yorkshire, and combatting loneliness during Covid-19


Announcement: Launching the Joint Statement on Conduct for Political Parties



At The Jo Cox Foundation, we work to bring about a meaningful reduction in the intimidation and abuse in public life and raise widespread public awareness about its harmful impacts. On the third anniversary of the 2017 Intimidation in Public Life report, we are delighted to launch the Joint Statement on Conduct for political party members.

Case study: Jo Cox Memorial Grant Grantholder, Internews

Women’s roles are typically overlooked in such processes, but the predominantly female Nyunzu Early Warning Group sensitively and actively contributed to the diffusion of a conflict, and increased economic stability in a particularly unstable context.

Case Study: Jo Cox Memorial Grants Grantholder - Zimbabwe Educational Trust

In Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare, 240 young women aged between 16 and 25 are finding comfort and success from the personalised approach being applied to their vocational training programme.

Hidden loneliness: exploring the isolation caused by violence against women and girls

When you think of loneliness, what’s the image that comes to mind? Perhaps a solitary elderly person, nursing a cup of tea in the living room. A young child at school, hiding away from bullies in the playground. Or possibly a refugee who has lost their family, standing in a sea of unfamiliar faces, forced into an unknown new world alone.